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The following is an alphabetical list of current unclaimed capital credits. Names are listed, in alphabetical order, in the corresponding alpha sections. Open the alpha section that corresponds with the name you are searching. If your name is on this list or if you have any additional questions, please contact our office.


Arnold, Bret

Bell, Gregory

Berthusen, Tracy

Birkley, John

Blanford, Darrell

Bueltel, Patrick

Campbell, Kurt

Cox, Cory

Cross, Paul

Engelkemier, Robert

Eubank, Phyllis

Fredrickson, Melody

Gill, Starlia

Gnat, Cecil


Haindfield, Rene

Hamblen, Wendy

Hansen, Darwin/Julie

Hanson, James

Heilman, Clint

Hodges, Christina

Housh, Casey

Hunt, Richard

Johnson, Patrick

Kaufman, Michael

Knaack, Jacquelin

Larson, Kent

Lidgett, Sara

Mason, Ron

McGill, Marc

Melby, Bailey

Moran, Darin

Nelson, Jess

Nettleton, David

Newport, Denise

Noggler, Karen


Pape, Mike

Pedersen, Troy

Platzeck, Janine

Porter, Doug

Pridie, Jennifer

Radel, Monica

Reinert, Jennifer

Rembe, Steven

Rolfes, Catherine

Ruhrer, Ray

Sample, Gregory

Smith, Pam

Spurlin, Lori

Stroh, Steven

Thomas, Douglas

Trout, William S


Weitzel, Keith

Williams, Debbie

Zellmer, Keith

Zeutenhorst, Joleen