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The following is an alphabetical list of current unclaimed capital credits. Names are listed, in alphabetical order, in the corresponding alpha sections. Open the alpha section that corresponds with the name you are searching. If your name is on this list or if you have any additional questions, please contact our office.


Anderson, Sherry

Bell, Gregory M

Birkley, John

Bueltel, Patrick M

Busch, Kathy

Christensen, Tim

Clarke, D Patrick

Collins, Allen

Cook, Josh

Cross, Paul

Deirup, Elanine F

Engelkemier, Robert A

Eubank, Phyllis

Fahrendholz, James

Fredrickson, Melody

Gordon, Larry H


Haindfield, Rene

Hamblen, Wendy

Hanson, James L

Harrel, Anthony A

Junck, Tyler

Kies, Mike

Klemmensen, Richard

Lacina, Cyndi

Lidgett, Sara

Lowder, Brandon

Mcnaughton, James

Merrill, Angie

Meyer, Gregory E

Morehead, Lance

Munoz, Linda

Nissen, Kathy

Noggler, Karen M

Novak, Michael D


Pedersen, Troy A

Peterson, Thomas A

Platzeck, Janine

Porter, Doug

Poulsen, Virginia A

Putzier, Amy

Robinson, Mike

Sandage, Jeff

Schoen, Albert

Snyder, John

St. Peter, C David


Vaughan, Terry

Weber, Jessica

Wengerd, Eugene

Willson, Dawn