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Board of Directors

Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative operates under policies established by a Board of Directors.  The seven person board is elected at large from the entire membership of the Cooperative.  Directors are elected to represent all Cooperative members equally and each member of the Woodbury County REC has only one vote.

Directors of Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative are required to be Cooperative members living in a residence served by Woodbury County REC.

Current Woodbury County REC Board Members:

  • Ron Steinhoff, President Term Expiration: August 2019
  • Ronald Bohle, Vice-President Term Expiration: August 2018
  • Chris Countryman, Secretary Term Expiration: August 2020
  • Chuck Widman, Treasurer Term Expiration: August 2020
  • Kevin Reinking Term Expiration: August 2018
  • Wayne Rieckmann Term Expiration: August 2019
  • Bruce Sadler Term Expiration: August 2020

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